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No knives for sale... Updated 10th November 2015

While I'm out of stock, you may like to purchase some of Bob's work? I cannot take any new commissions at the moment, as I'll soon need to take some time to adapt to my injuries, figure out new ways to make things work in the workshop, and build up some stock again! I will be starting a new commissions slate in July 2016, and am operating a 'waiting list' in the meantime: if you're interested in having a knife made then, let me know (with your basic design idea and budget, no committment obviously) at any time, then I'll get back in touch next July on a first-come, first-served basis.

Blued Antler Knife

To subscribe - or update address as a subscriber - use the sign-up form. (I can no longer add you myself.) Being on my mailing list means getting first sight of all new knives (and the occasional discount). I have also had to make some changes to my postal and PayPal policies, see the Buy Now page for details.


Highland Dirk. (£1100 commission not taken due to change in circumstances) SOLD - £925.

Highland Dirk for Sale
Highland Dirk Pommel
Sixteen and three-quarter inches overall. 12 inch single-edged blade of differentially-tempered 1095. Stained walnut handle, with copper fittings, and blued-steel ‘burnet rose’ pommel. Flat-sewn cowhide sheath, with kilt-belt frog (standard frog also included) tooled with matching knot-work.

Myrtle Handled Hunter - £175 SOLD

Myrtle Handled Hunter
Ten inches overall, five inch carbon steel blade, myrtle handle with copper pins. More...

Pictish Sporran - £120 SOLD

Hand-tooled and sewn (large) traditional day sporran, veg-tanned cowhide, brass fittings, silk tassels. Pictish designs in tooling and resist-dye, front and back. See more...



Odin’s Ravens Seax. SOLD

Odin's Seax Blade
Odin's Seax Sheathed


Nineteen inches overall, eleven and a quarter inch blade of differentially tempered 1095. Carved walnut handle. Tooled cowhide suspension sheath. (Rings and belt-loops will be added to your spec.)  


'Sam Bell Gentleman's Dirk' SOLD

Sam Bell Dirk

Ten and three quarter inches overall, carved Swedish carbon steel blade. Sycamore handle, with engraved copper mounts and steel fittings, tooled cowhide sheath.This is perhaps the earliest knife I still have in stock, made back when I got interested in antique ‘gentlemen’s dirks’ as a form. More images...

Copper & Antler Sgian Achlais SOLD

Sgian Achlais, copper and antler handmade sgian dubh

A sgian achlais (traditionally for armpit carry). Ebony handle, with copper mounts and red-deer antler pommel. Four inch blade of CS70 steel, with hamon temper-line and fuller. Eight and a quarter inches overall. Hand-sewn, tooled and burnished leather pouch sheath in Scandinavian style.

Last Elm-handled Working Sgian SOLD

Elm Working Sgian Dubh

Brass-pinned, hand-carved elm handle, steel mounts. Three and five-eighths inch blade of 1095 steel. 7.5 inches overall, matching knotwork-tooled black cowhide sheath (cross-stitched to lie flat). The one available has the handle below - the blade above is representative of its blade.

Damascus & Thuya Sub-Hilt SOLD

Damascus and Thuya Burl Sub-Hilt Knife
Seven and a half inches overall. Three and a half inch blade of 1095/15N20 Damascus steel. Four inch handle of Thuya Burl and ebony, with copper fittings. Welted chestnut pouch sheath of sculpted veg-tanned cowhide, riveted belt-loop.

Bird & Trout Knife - SOLD

Bird & Trout Knife
Four and a half inch blade of CS70 Swedish steel, full-tang Sycamore handle with a Wenge bolster. Comes with a hand-sewn, Scandianavian-style pouch sheath.


Bodice Dagger ~ SOLD

Bodice Dagger for sale now

Olive-wood, ebony and bone handle. Five and three-quarter inch double-edged blade of 1095, with double hamon. Ten inches overall. Flat-backed pouch sheath of burgundy cowhide, with removable frog of supple sueded goatskin


Reversible Sgian Dubh SOLD

Antler and Ebony Sgian Dubh

Slim handle of carved ebony one-side and antler the other, with myrtle pommel. 4” blade of 1080 steel, satin finished with hamon. 7.5 inches overall, with tooled cowhide sheath for the sock.

'Boot' Sgian SOLD

'Boot'-style Sgian Dubh

Fully-carved, full-tang ebony handle with stainless steel pins. Three and a half inch double-edged blade of 1095, with double ricasso and hamon. (7.25 inches overall.) Goatskin-covered copper and leather sheath, with sterling silver sculpted mouth.


Wakimono - SOLD

15" blade, with 8" handle. Blade is 1086M, clay hardened, hand forged copper habaki, brass seppas, wrought iron tsuba, brass fuchi and kashira, walnut handle core with rawhide overwrap, oar shaped walnut scabbard with rawhide wrap. Email for details.

Duan Jian ~ SOLD

Duan Jian

Sixteen inch, double-edged blade of 1095 high carbon steel, clay quenched for hard edges and a springy spine. The blade has been polished, antiqued and etched to bring out the beautiful double hamon. Handle is carved walnut with a reconstituted malachite spacer, and a copper pommel plate, with hidden pins and pommel nut, secured with epoxy. The scabbard is carved walnut with reconstituted malachite inlays. There is a carved belt-loop, inlayed and glued to the back, and bound in place with fine cord.


Carved Antler Sgian Dubh - SOLD

Carved Antler Sgian Dubh
More details here


Celtic Horseman's Knife ~ SOLD
Celtic Horseman's Knife
Four and a half inch blade of 1/8th inch wide 1095 steel, clay hardened in oil, with a dark etch. Sculpted copper blade collar and copper pin, carved sycamore handle. Nine and a quarter inches overall. Hand-tooled (spiral pattern) and sewn welted pouch sheath, riveted belt-loop.


Merovingian Seax - SOLD

Merovingian Seax

Reproduction of a 7th century Continental seax, based primarily on the Nijmegen seax. Laminated steel blade, etched to show pattern. Yew handle, traditional suspension-style sheath with relief sculpted knot. More....

Japanese Kwaiken - SOLD

Japanese Kwaiken
Nine inches overall. Sycamore sheath, Thuya Burl and Ebony handle. Heat finished copper habaki, hamon on 1095 steel blade. More images...

Integral Tanto - SOLD

Integral Tanto for Sale
Thirteen and a half inches overall. The handle is a tanned ray-skin same over an integral steel core, overlaid with a wrap of khaki-green parachute cord, finished with several 'turks head' knots. The blade is seven and a half inch nagasa, shobu zukuri in 1086 steel, water quenched. It is double-edged, and the hamon lies close to the grind-line top and bottom. More images...

Pocket Knife - SOLD

Forged Curlicue Pocket Knife for Sale
Three inch blade of heat-golden steel with hamon temper-line. Unique open-work handle of brass, heat-blued forged steel and ebony, file-worked on the spine. Hand-tooled, sculpted leather sheath. More...


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