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Bob Cleland, Knifemaker

Bob made knives for almost fifty years, beating his first blades out of files in the forge of the farm where he lived as a child. After moving to Skye almost forty years ago, he continued to make knives from his home workshop, perfecting his skills. When he took early retirement as a medical supplies engineer to concentrate full time on handmade knives in 2001, Jake returned to Skye (having studied Art and Classics at Edinburgh University) to work with him, learning from Bob's vast experience. There's a rare chance to purchase Bob's sgian dubhs here.

Bollock Daggers and Dirks
Recently, Bob's knifemaking has been very focussed on historical early Highland Dirks and Daggers. He's been reconstructing the history of this type of knife, making examples of all the styles he can find through detailed research.
Bollock Dagger Pommels Bob is not generally offering these knives for sale, but if they interest you, it's always worth giving me an email (I'll pass it on, Bob's not a computer sort of guy, ever since he spent too long card-programming mainframes for his bioengineering PhD) as he's sometimes open to offers...
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