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Knives by Bob Cleland

Bob still makes a lot of knives, but can rarely be persuaded to part with them! (More about his work here, past sgian dubhs here.) This is a unique opportunity to purchase some (email for large high-res images)...

Blued Antler Hunting Knife

BOB CLELAND Blued Antler Hunting Knife- £450

20.5 cm overall, 10 cm blade of 5.5mm unalloyed high-carbon 1095 (not stainless). Temper colours left on the blade. Handle is brow-tine of a Scottish stag (pleasing grip-texture and colouring) with full-length stick-tang screwed into the heat-blued steel pommel cap. Riveted hide pouch sheath. Notes: A slim, elegant hunting knife. Perfect for small game, but strong enough for bigger game if need be. Inspired by the traditional Bavarian style, with integral finger-guard for maximum safety in use. Buy Now for £450

Horn-Handled Hunting Knife

WEB EXCLUSIVE - BOB CLELAND Buffalo Horn Hunter £550

Overall length 23.5cm, blade length 11.5cm. Blade of 4mm chrome vanadium high carbon tool-steel (not stainless) etched to show a distinctive grain pattern. Handle of green horn from a Highland bull, with brass fittings and vulcanized fibre spacers. Full-tang, tapered, file-worked spine. This is a fairly big, solid working knife, with some unusual features. The horn scales are nicely rounded, well-polished, and warm and feel great in the hand with a comfortable grip. The chrome vanadium blade combines high hardness and great toughness, taking and holding a superb edge. A rolled edge profile for strength and the best edge-holding performance in use. This blade will develop an aged patina. Strong riveted and stamped leather pouch sheath. Buy Now for £550

Black Buffalo Hunting Knife

BOB CLELAND Black Horn Hunter - £450

24cm overall, 12.5 cm blade of 4.5mm Sandvik 12-C-27 steel (high-carbon stainless). Handle, black buffalo horn with brass fittings. Full-tang, tapered, with filework on spine. Strong leather pouch-sheath with belt loop. Notes: a big solid working knife, with well-rounded horn scales to fill the hand, shaped for a very positive grip. This is a superb stainless steel, and will hold a fine edge in use (the edge profile is ‘rolled’ – best for a hard-working knife). Buy Now for £450

Antler-Handled Clip-point Knife

WEB EXCLUSIVE: BOB CLELAND - Antler-Handled Clip-Point Hunter £300

Unalloyed carbon 1095 blade (not stainless) 9.5cm, 5.5mm thick. Overall length 19 cm. Handle of antler from a Scottish stag, with very good grip shape/texture and dramatic colouring. Full length stick-tang screwed into pommel cap, patinated brass fittings. This is Bob's favourite shape of knife for gralloching deer - short, strong and very functional. Antler gives a very positive grip, even with wet hands. The rolled edge of the blade is very sharp, and almost indestructible. The upswept edge is perfect for skinning, and the clip-point good for jointing. This wworking knife comes with a strong, sewn and riveted, double thickness pouch sheath. Buy Now for £250

Damascus & Mammoth Sgian Dubh

BOB CLELAND - Damascus, horn and mammoth sgian dubh, £700.

Stainless powder-metallurgy Damascus, acid-etched to show dramatic pattern (3.5 inch blade for UK legal carry, 4 inch handle). The blade is fileworked, with a fuller groove, and stamped with Bob's initials. The handle is polished black buffalo horn, and the sterling silver bolsters are rounded and sculpted. The characteristic grain of the c. 70,000 year old mammoth pommel (part of a broken tusk from the Yukon) is clearly visible. The sheath is lined morocco goatskin for smooth wear in the sock.

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