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Sgian Dubhs by Bob Cleland

Bob still makes a lot of knives, but can rarely be persuaded to part with them! So this is a unique opportunity to purchase his sgian dubhs...

Traditional Sgian Dubh
This perfectly finished piece is in a tradional sgian dubh style (click image for close-up in new window). The pierced and fileworked blade is stainless steel, the fittings mirror polished sterling silver. The copper sheath is covered with goatskin, and the full-tang handle and the pommel are formed from a single piece of smooth-polished Macassar ebony. Buy Now for £725.
Working Sgian Dubh
This sgian dubh is based on Cluny MacPherson's sgian, found on the field after the battle of Culloden (click image for close-up). The thick, fileworked clip point blade is stainless steel, the rounded handle black Indian ebony, with a lustrous cowhorn pommel. This sgian has a simple hand-sewn leather sheath. SOLD
Handcarved Opinel Folding Knife
This four inch French Opinel folder has been masterfully handcarved by my friend Sam, in a perfect and intricate spiral and knotwork pattern beautifully fit to the curves of the handle. The reverse of the handle has a smooth section so that the knife can be oriented by touch. SOLD
Celtic Knotwork Opinel Folding Knife
Carving like this does not come along every day! Sam's style is painstakingly intricate and wonderfully detailed (click either image to see close-ups). It transforms this classic working knife into a practical but beautiful work of art. Sold for £445
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