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New Knife for Sale ~ Classic Seax £425

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Classic Hand Forged Seax Knife
Hamon on Hand Forged Seax (Sax) Knife Blade This classic seax has a seven and three-quarter inch blade of 1095 steel, clay-tempered and hammer-finished on the spine.
Olive Wood Handle with Hand Carved Celtic Knotwork, Seax Knife The five inch handle is olive wood, with an ebony bolster and suede spacer. The ebony has been hand-carved with a simple knotwork design, and the handle is fixed with a single brass pin.
Seax Knife Sheath, Hand Sewn The hand-sewn leather sheath has a substantial welt in the traditional style, and has been dyed to a complex ox-blood finish.
Classic Seax in Hand Sewn Leather Sheath Classic seax in its traditional sheath, showing the proper position for wear. The sewn leather belt-loops are attached with copper suspension rings, and the knife is worn edge-up on the belt.
Before I started on my recent tanto kick, I spent a good deal of time focussing on the ancient nothern European seax (sax) style of knife. This one is the simplest of all those I made, but I feel like it distills the essence of what I was working on. You can order this seax now for just £425.

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