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Galleries ~ My 'art' knives: decorative, but all still fully functional high-quality blades...

Curlicue Pocket Knife. Three inch blade of heat-golden steel with hamon temper-line. Unique open-work handle of brass, heat-blued forged steel and ebony, file-worked on the spine. Hand-tooled, sculpted leather sheath. More...
Curlciue Pocket Knife
Raven Knife and Sheath: With elements of Celtic, Viking and Persian design, this unique commission has dominated my life over the past many months, so it's good to be able to show you it, now it is with its proud owner! More pictures and details...
Raven Knife Celtic-Viking-Persian
Sumigashi Bodice Dagger. Link to full page and detail photos
Sumigashi Bodice Dagger, Wenge and Antique Ivory
YinYang Boot Knife. This wee boot knife had hammer finished flats, with a handle of carved ebony on one side (shown here) and bone on the reverse.
Handcarved Ebony Boot Knife
This photo shows the 'bovine ivory' (carved cow bone) side of the handle, handcarved into a celtic knot.
Handcarved Boot Knife, Hammered Flats
This photo shows the hamon of the Boot Knife above.
Boot Knife Hamon
I made this blade on a whim, just to see how it worked. It spent a while unfinished, before being requested for a commission. Here, it has been fitted with a carved walnut handle (unpolished in this picture) and antique ivory pommell cabochon.
Carved Blade, Blued Steel Dagger with Knotwork Handle
Straight Razor. The concave grind on this straight razor was something I've never tried before, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. A simple design, with hammered copper and antler handle.
Copper and Antler Straight Razor
Gentleman's Blue Mediterranean Dirk. The blade was clay-tempered, edge-quenched O1 high-carbon tool steel, with a copper insert. This single-edged blade was hand polished, and then heat blued to bring out the delicate temper-line. The hexagonal brass ferrule bolster was sculpted and mirror polished, and the exotic Zebrano hardwood handle given a gentle swell to fit the palm of the hand. This knife was accompanied by a tooled leather pouch sheath, to protect the finish of the blade.
Gentleman's Dirk, Blued  O1 and Zebrano
Gentleman's Dirk. Edge quenched O1 tool steel blade with copper insert, hand polished, etched to show the differential temper, and then random pattern etched for a delicate patina and antique feel. The handle was a piece of Highland red deer stag’s antler, naturally cast in the woods of Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye. This knife had a composite brass ferrule and butt-cap, threaded to the hidden tang. Tooled leather pouch sheath.
Mediterranean Dirk with Tooled Leather Pouch Sheath

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