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Galleries ~ Puukko: Howard Clark Damascus with Mammoth Ivory and Thuya Burl

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Puukko Knife - Damascus, Mammoth Ivory and Thuya Burl
Puukko Knife and Scandi Style Sheath
This Puukko has a Damascus steel blade, Thuya Burl handle, mammoth ivory bolster, and tooled-hide pouch sheath.
Puukko Damascus Knife Blade
The blade is hand-forged Damascus by Howard Clark, ground and etched by myself. This puukko is eight inches overall, with a four inch blade.
Knife - Puukko Thuya Burl Hand Carved Handle
The handle is handcarved in spirals to echo the grain of the tough burl wood. The design extends across the brass spacer and mammoth ivory bolster.
Knife - Puukko in Scandinavian-style pouch sheath
The Scandinavian-style pouch sheath for this puukko was pre-dyed, then sewn and shaped to 'lock' to the knife. It had a wide, keyed, belt loop.

I've been working a lot with the puukko knife form recently, culminating in this piece with some really special materials. I have some simpler puukkos in the workshop, which I'd love a chance to finish: email if you'd like further details.

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