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Galleries ~ Some of my past folding knives

Wenge Folder
Wenge Folder. A 4 ¼ inch single-edged blade of 1095 plain high-carbon steel, clay tempered for a very hard edge and springy spine, sharpened to a working edge, and polished to show the temper-line. 5 ¼ inch handle, with sculpted scales of Wenge hardwood, hand polished and oiled, and held to the liners with polished blued allen screws. The liner lock mechanism allows part of the polished brass liner to spring across and engage the heel of the blade for a very firm lock-up. A detent ball lightly holds the blade in the closed position. The polished back bar has been filed in a decorative pattern, and the steel pivot screws have also been mirror polished. The box is cut from a single piece of walnut with a velvet-lined recess for the closed knife top and bottom. The wood has been polished and oiled, and the top carved with a Celtic knotwork motif. The hinge and catch are polished brass. Designed as a working knife, but also a handsome display piece. Duncan House - £425
Friction folder
Primitive Stag Friction Folder. Edge quenched D2 tool steel, left rough ground and with the scale from the heat treating darkening the surface, showing the quench line. Highland red deer stag’s antler handle, with Celtic knotwork carving, and brass pivot pin and butt-cap.
Pink Folder
Inlaid Folder. The design of this commisson was based on my earlier Heat-Blued Hunter, adapted to suit the owner's measurements and the folding form. This is a liner-lock folder, of unusual size (5" blade, 11" overall). The blade is stainless steel and has been mirror-polished, then honed to a razor edge. The spine is fileworked. The handle scales are Purple-Heart hardwood, with hand-carved knotwork menuki of mammoth ivory, turquoise inlaid brass pins and thong-hole liner. The grip stud on the blade has been set with a garnet.


Folding knives are always practical and popular, but I rarely make them 'on spec' as people often have their own ideal forms. At the moment, I'm most into friction folders - something like the Stag folder above is probably my most economical knife at around £100 so if you fancy one, just ask!
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