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Inlaid Paring Knife

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Inlay Hamon Paring Knife for Sale
Paring Knife and Hand-tooled Sheath

This paring knife has a four inch blade of differentially tempered steel, with forged-finished flats, and an inlaid handle of walnut. Contrasting metal pin detail to handle (brass, copper and steel]. Butterfly inlay of reconstituted turquoise and antique ivory on handle face, dragonfly inlay on reverse. This wee knife comes with a sculpted cowhide pouch sheath.

One of a pair - its smaller companion (with spider inlay] will be coming soon...

Paring Knife in Scandinavian Style Sheath The Scandinavian style saddle-stitched sheath was wet-formed to the knife, then hand-tooled for fit and appearance. Its surface is water-proofed, and the simple belt/hanging loop (optional) is made from braided russet and black cord. The bottom of this photo also shows the contrasting dragonfly inlay on the reverse of the handle.
I like to hone my skills on some small, simple knives, and I'm planning to offer more of these for sale from now on. I think this paring knife is a pretty wee thing, and it's also designed for practical use. This knife sold for £150.


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