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This page shows a wide variety of knife types, in keeping with their various uses. The simpler types can be as little as £150, while larger and more complex knives tend to be worth around £400-£800.

Puukko Damascus and Thuya Burl Puukko. Click Image for full pages and detail images.
Wharncliffe Style Utility Knife. Clean lines, and an emphasis on the metal itself. Four and a half inch, 1080 'Wharncliffe' style steel blade; single-edged and clay-tempered, integral steel tang with cut-out, heat-coloured, with fossil mammoth ivory scales.
Crown Stag Hunter
Crown Stag Hunter. (Click for larger) This classic drop-point hunter is 1080 carbon steel, heat-treated in the Japanese manner for a hard edge and springy back. The blade has been etched to show the contrast between the hard and soft steels. The ricasso has been left rough-forged to contrast with the fine satin finish of the rest of the blade. The handle is red deer stag’s antler, with a Maccassar ebony bolster. The crown will be engraved with Celtic knotwork, and the knife comes with a leather pouch sheath. This knife is not stainless, and must be oiled regularly and cleaned and oiled after use to prevent rust.
Scandinavian Style Working Knife
Scandinavian Style Working Knife. Both practical and decorative, in true Scandinavian style, blade of laminated Swedish steel, with a soft skin and very hard core.  The blade is mirror polished, and has been etched to bring out the division between the steels, like a hamon. The edge is razor sharp. The handle is made from Maccassar-Ebony and reindeer antler, both of which have been carved with Celtic knotwork patterns. There is a carved spacer of cast sterling silver, set with a garnet. This piece has a pouch sheath in the traditional style.
Zebrano Camper
Zebrano Camper. A 5 inch, single-edged blade of differentially heat-treated O1 high carbon tool steel, flat ground, satin finished and etched, with forge finished flats, and a razor edge. The spine of the blade has been file-worked with a vine pattern. Hand textured copper bolsters, pinned and soldered to the blade. Full tang Zebrano scaled handle with copper pins, carved with a three lace ‘dirk knot’, and inlaid with copper wire, finished and sealed with Danish oil. The spine of the tang has also been file-worked. Cow hide pouch sheath with a belt loop, reinforced with copper rivets, stained and waxed.
Wenge Fighter
Aikuchu Style 'Fighter'. With 1095 steel blade, differentially clay-tempered, showing a distinct hamon. Wenge wood handle, pierced copper habaki and copper seppa. Duncan House - £525
Persian Fighter
Persian Style 'Fighter'. 1095 blade, clay coated and differentially heat treated, water quenched, then polished and etched to show hamon. Stag's antler scales with Celtic scrimshaw, copper pins. Fully fileworked. SOLD
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