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New Knife for Sale - Merovingian Seax

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Merovingian Seax or Sax
Merovingian Seax Sheathed

Merovingian Seax: Reproduction of a 7th century Continental seax, based primarily on the Nijmegen seax.

Laminated Steel Seax Blade
Seax Blade: Laminated steel blade, etched to show pattern. Hollow ground spine engraved on one side with a knotwork pattern.
Seax Handle in Yew, with Hand-carved Knotwork
Seax Handle: Yew handle, with handcarved knotwork, and wrought iron bolster and pommel block, with a copper bail and suspension ring.
Handsewn Sheath with Handtooled Knotwork and Suspension Loops
Seax Sheath: Traditional suspension-style sheath, in vegetable tanned leather, with relief sculpted knot to match handle ornament.

This Seax (Sax) is one of a series I've been working on. It has a great 'heft' to it, and I'm pleased with its simple but direct feel. This Merovingian-style Seax is for sale now for £750.

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