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Some traditional Highland sgian dubhs, with personalised clan crests....

Clan Crest sgian dubhs are particularly popular for weddings and heirlooms - each of these has been completely handcrafted to personal specifications . Their value reflects that, as well as the complex scupltural details that go into creating an original interpretation of a traditional crest to complement the knife. Due to huge demand, and the immense amount of time that must go into making each one of these unique knives, I can now only offer commissions at a value of £900 or above.

Clan Crest Sgian
Shaw Clan Crest Sgian Dubh. This ornate Sgian Dubh has a fileworked blade of mirror-polished stainless steel, and a hand-carved ebony handle with an engraved and sculpted Shaw clan crest. The clan motto 'fide et fortitudine' is engraved on a traditional heraldic garter, enclosing a sculpted ivory hand holding a sword of silver and blued steel. The mounts on handle and traditional sheath are engraved sterling silver, and the pommel is polished fossilized mammoth ivory.
Davidson Sgian

Davidson Crest Sgian Dubh. This sgian dubh has a single edged, blued, blade, fileworked on the back. The mounts are mirror-polished sterling silver, as are the pins within the handcarved knotwork. The pommel is a sculpted antique ivory cabochon. The crest is an engraved clan motto, enclosing an ivory stag's head with copper antlers.

Davidson Sgian Reverse
Davidson Crest Sgian Dubh, reverse. This image shows the back of the knife above, sheathed. The rounded top knot of the front has been elongated to contrast with the polished ebony. The sheath is Morroccan goat-hide over copper, with a silver throat.
MacPherson Sgian

Macpherson Crest Sgian Dubh. This sgian dubh has a single-edged blade, fileworked on the back, with mirror-polished sterling silver mounts. The pommel is a polished antique ivory cabochon. The clan crest is not so clear in this picture, but is engraved with the motto 'Touch not the cat but a glove' enclosing a sculpted cat's head. The sheath is Moroccan goat-hide over copper, with a silver throat.

Lamont Sgian
This complex clan crest sgian has an inked cabochon, an etched clan crest, and engraved silver mounts.
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