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I enjoy making little knives, as a creative refresher between commissions, or to test out new techniques. Although these knives are small, they show equal care and attention - but their size means they are often more practical for the modern world, and I can price them attractively. These days, I can rarely take a formal commission for such a knife, but you can always email and ask about a style you fancy, in case I have something on the go!

Cord-Wrapped Dagger. For sale, click here for details  
Cord-Wrapped Paring Knife. For sale, click here for details  
Inlaid Paring Knife. Click here for full page info and more photos.
Inlaid Paring Knife
Necklace Knife. This is an elegant little multi-purpose knife I made for myself. It has a three and a half inch stainless steel blade. The handle is of stained London plane, with a ray-skin mount and turned brass pommel. The two-tone sculpted leather sheath has copper fittings, which allow the knife to be worn around the neck, or looped onto the belt.
Necklace Knife
Integral Necklace Knife. This forged blade with integral steel handle has a hamon that echoes the handle curve. Its lines are emphasised by the cutouts, and the inset cabochon of polished ebony. The sheath is designed to be worn on a thong round the neck. SOLD
Integral NeckKnife
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