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Galleries ~ Tantos and other Japanese-style knives...

My Tanto often stay works in progress, because their finishing is so time-consuming. I still enjoy making them, however, and I'll be updating this page with some of the ones I have in progress as soon as I can...

Japanses Kwaiken. Nine inches overall. Sycamore sheath, Thuya Burl and Ebony handle. Heat finished copper habaki, hamon on 1095 steel blade. More images...
Japanese Kwaiken
Integral Tanto. Thirteen and a half inches overall. The handle is a tanned ray-skin same over an integral steel core, overlaid with a wrap of khaki-green parachute cord, finished with several 'turks head' knots. The blade is seven and a half inch nagasa, shobu zukuri in 1086 steel, water quenched. It is double-edged, and the hamon lies close to the grind-line top and bottom. More images...
Integral Tanto
Traditional Tanto. Available now, click here for full details and more pictures.
Traditional Tanto
Ray-Skin Tanto. Hand-forged from ½ inch round silver steel, clay tempered, hand rubbed to 1200 grit, and etched to show the hamon. The tsuka is Maccassar ebony, with fuchi and kashirae of grey ray skin. Maccassar saya (later had a ray-skin throat added for strength). The tsuba is Maccassar ebony, and the copper seppa is much heavier than usual to allow for this. The habaki is polished brass. SOLD
Knife Tanto, Ray-Skin Kashirae, Clay-termpered Hamon, Copper Habaki
This is a tanto I'm not working on at the moment: I'm very pleased with the blade, but I'm unlikely to get time to finish the fittings in the foreseeable future...
Knife 'Eclipse' Tanto
I have quite a few tantos on the go right now, so check back soon, or email to see what I have coming up...

More tantos... Kwaiken

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