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As well as knife-making, we have wide ranging interests: I am interested in Japanese history and culture as well as metallurgy in ancient history. At the moment, I'm very much focussed on knifemaking, but Bob maintains many outside interests. His main thing is Celtic history, but he is also passionate about the history of the Old West, and of Native Americans in particular. In fact, he made a traditional Sioux tipi, with which he travels around the west of Scotland. Aside from this he also makes many related artefacts: black-powder weapons, tomahawks, war clubs, powder-horns and various buck-skinning tools. Lately, he's also remained focused on reconstructing the development of the Highland Dirk, making accurate replicas of most of the known examples.

In 2000 we erected a 15ft standing stone - the Durinish Stone - on top of a hill in Dunvegan to mark the millenium, as part of a community project. This monolith was raised by the people of Dunvegan, using ropes and a wooden A-frame. Bob found this unshaped stone on a beach in the south of the island, and directed its removal and transport by water, then engineered its raising on the bluff overlooking the village and Castle of Dunvegan. Sometimes he just gets carried away...

Durinish Millenium Stone, Dunvegan
Durinish Millenium Stone, with MacLeod's Tables in the background. This naturally shaped stone, from the shore near Strathaird, was erected by the people of Dunvegan, using manpower and a wooden A-frame, to mark the year 2000. Ancient standing-stones and ruined broch towers are a big part of the landscape of Skye.
Bob's Huntsman Knives
Huntsman Knives by Bob Cleland. From the top: white bull's horn powderhorn with brass fittings and insert; black bull's horn powderhorn; primitive bowie of antique spring-steel; small camping knife; fringed bowie sheath; stag's antler belt knife; stag handled bowie. None of these artefacts are for sale, but if you are interested in anything similar, please let us know
Jake's Early Knives
Selection of early knives by Jake. From the top: miniature pendant knife, with antique ivory handle, and leather cutaway sheath; small by-knife for tanto (at bottom); 2 stag's antler handled sgian dubhs; 2 all-purpose working knives (pouch sheaths at top) with thong holes; jewelled sgian dubh; Persian style knife with handle inset; small dirk; blued dirk with engraved ricasso; tanto with antique carved ivory handle, Purple Heart mounts; tanto scabbard of Purple Heart, with sculpted copper fittings and by-knife sheath; riveted block sheaths for knives above.
Galley Trophy
Bob was commissioned to make this model of a medieval Hebridean galley as a trophy (for the Isles Over-40 football tournament). It is made from brazed copper, with brass prow and stern pieces, and a wooden rudder and benches. It sits on a naturally shaped section of local wood, and is now housed in the winning team's local pub in the Outer Hebrides. This type of galley is occasionally still built and used - you can see them in the annual North Atlantic boat race, which celebrates the Celtic and Viking heritage of Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, the Faeroes and Norway.
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