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Galleries ~ Viking Knives and Seax

I base my Viking knives on archaeological finds, mainly from Gotland, as well as on traditional Scandinavian knives still in use today. Although there is little archaeological evidence for handle shapes (natural materials tending to be lost to the ravages of time) these can often be deduced from surviving fittings. Most of these knives are designed to be worn in the traditional fashion, on a belt at the front or back of the body, edge up and handle pointing right.

Carved Burr Viking Knife
Viking Hunter - £225 SOLD. 1095 steel blade with differential temper, handcarved bird's-eye sycamore handle. More...
Elm Viking Knife Elm Handled Viking Knife - £225 SOLD. Ten and a quarter inches overall. Five and a quarter inch blade of 1095 steel, clay-tempered. Five inch handle of hand-carved elm, with red deer antler bolster. Scandinavian style pouch sheath of vegetable tanned tooling cowhide, with woven-in belt-loop
Merovingian Seax Merovingian Seax. SOLD, click here for full details and more pictures.
Plain Seax Knife Classic Seax. SOLD, click here for full details and more pictures.
Gotlandic Woman's Knife
Gotlandic Woman's Knife - click for detail. Etched brass fittings, handle carved with beast-knots, brass suspension ring on pommel.
Rune Seax
Rune Seax. Eleven and one quarter inch blade of 1095 steel, clay hardened. Click image for full page.
Birch and Antler Viking Knife
Viking Knife. A 4 ½ inch single-edged blade of laminated steel, with a high carbon core and soft iron outer layers, flame hardened and tempered. Blade etched and hand polished, with forge finished flats. The 4 ¾ inch handle made in three parts, with a core of stained birch wood and scales of carved antler. Fully handcarved with Viking ring knots, based on the prow carvings of the Osenberg ship, plus Celtic knotwork motifs, then waxed to bring out the luster of the materials. The blade is mounted with a copper guard plate and rivets, and has an “A” rune inlayed in copper in the butt. Traditional Viking style sheath, of heavy cow hide covered in stained goatskin. The sheath is reinforced with rivets and engraved copper sheet, and has hand forged and brazed copper D-rings to attach the belt loops.
Long Viking Knife Long Viking Knife. Clay-hardened 1080 steel blade, with hamon. Etched and fine polished. Ebony handle, handcarved in a fighting dogs Viking design, with copper inlays for emphasis. Hand cast sterling silver mounts, with Celtic knot blade collar, and intertwined beast motif on pommel. SOLD.
I really enjoy the Viking knife aesthetic, so please do get in touch if you'd like to commission a Viking style knife.

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