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Here's how to contact Skye Knives, to order a knife for sale now, or to arrange a commission or visit ...

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All my knives are made in the home forge and workshops: carvings and designs are often done at the kitchen table! I'm usually too busy to answer the phone, but I make time to check the email most days, so if you have a general enquiry, an order or a commission, that's the best and most reliable way to get in touch -

If you're on Skye on holiday, you're welcome to come and visit! However, we're a long way out-of-the-way, so please always email first to check that I'll be available when you want to come.


Terms and Conditions of Sales: Scotland has new knife laws - I'm now required to be licenced as a knife-dealer, to obtain identification from every customer, including proof of age over 18, and to record this information for 3 years from time of purchase. In practice, as my customers have always been a pretty select and discerning group, I've always done this, but I hope you won't be offended when I now have to ask for some kind of formal id (I will not ask for photo id) and a telephone contact number alongside your email address.

When you buy any knife from this site, including commissions (for which I also have my own fair trading standards) your purchase is, and has always been, covered by UK distance-selling laws, which you can find in detail online. Basically, this means that I will always establish estimated delivery dates, and any postage costs during the order process, and you always have the right to return any item within fourteen days of purchase.

I accept payments by cheque, bank transfer, and through PayPal. For the latter two kinds, I really appreciate it if you specify payment of the amount due to me in £ (GBP) otherwise I lose out to the tune of 5-10% in fees. For all orders, we'll discuss what form of payment best suits you when I accept your order. If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

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