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Once we agree a commission, I will be turning down or deferring other commissions to make your knife (I get more requests per year than I can accept). By accepting the deposit, I agree to make a knife from the design we've agreed: once I've begun to do so, the deposit is non-refundable. This is largely for your protection and satisfaction - it lets me offer you a real choice when the knife is ready. Because each knife is unique and evolves from its design, I prefer to make sure you have the chance to see the finished knife before you pay its full value (which lies in the time and skill it takes to make, not in the materials).

In terms of time, if you've told me before paying the deposit of a specific date you need the knife to be delivered by, I'll keep to this. Otherwise, the delivery season is an estimate, based on my specialised knowledge of how long each knife might take to make. I'll do my best to keep to it. However, knives I've agreed to make before yours may take longer than expected - sometimes the process has a mind of its own. If this happens, I'll do my best to keep you informed about my schedule, and the progress of your knife. You should always feel free to get in touch with me, but I hope you'll understand that some things just can't be rushed! (Meanwhile, if your circumstances change, I am happy to discuss accepting payments by installment, just let me know.)

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