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Site updates, what I'm working on, general news from the island...


Sept 2015 My surgeon promises a final prognosis at the end of the year, so I am now planning to take the first 6 months of 2016 to figure out some work-arounds and rebuild some stock for sale. I will (of course) be finishing up all current commissions before then, but not working on any more until July 2016. If you're looking to commission a knife, let me know in the meantime - I'll keep a 'waiting list' (but won't be doing any design work or taking deposits until July). I plan to re-contact people then, on a first-come, first-served basis, but obviously, registering your interest in the meantime doesn't commit you to proceeding at that point. Thanks for your patience!
Aug 2015 So, last June, I was pretty severely injured (as a passenger in a car crash). I am still recovering, particularly from damage to my left hand and arm. I have managed - albeit slowly! - to keep up with commissions, but I have fallen badly behind on even starting new stock for sale. This website update will therefore be the last with new knives for a while, even although most of my available knives have sold since the accident. I am still open to commissions (bearing in mind that everything takes longer) and will try to update here as I think about what to do next...
May 2014 Moved site to a local Highland hosting company (sorry for interruption, hope everything's now back!) Spring is here, the gales have finally dropped (lasted through Jan/Feb, many powercuts). You all know I live by the Highland definition of soon - not very! - but the mailing list can expect to see the latest crop in the next few weeks, after which I'll get them up here...
Jan. 2014 Just 1 or 2 days without storm-to-hurricane force winds since 4th December. Power cuts frequent! But Happy 2014 to you all - new seaxes coming soon...
Dec. 2013 Survived 102 mph thunderstorm last night! Winter is most definitely here.
August 2013 New photos on Flickr, including a wakimono for sale - email me if you're interested. You'll soon be able to keep up-to-date with my works in progress (in next to real time!) via a facebook page. All the new knives left for sale are up here. As always, people on my mailing list got first sight, and in fact, most have sold already! If you would like to join my list, let me know. Some new links up too. My neighbours have just set up a great shop: check out Skye Forge and Skye Woodcraft on Facebook. I'm currently working on sgians and cook's knives for them, so if you're on the island, drop in there to see my knives, alongside other great wood-working and forging...
March 2013 Still crazy, still getting set up in-between making knives... Got some good stuff on the way though!
Dec. 2012 It's been a crazy year! I've moved house, and am in the middle of setting up a new workshop, hence the lack of updates. Email for details of new knives for sale...
March 2012 I like making knives for wedding presents, but it's very stressfull! Now that's passed, I'm making up on some delayed promises (sorry!) and looking forward to starting the next slate of commissions... Spring is springing very early here this year, so working in the forge is getting more comfortable - I'll try for a better update, once the rain starts back up!
Jan. 2012 Still very busy with more commissions, so instead of my promised pictures, some new knives for sale from Bob, and some exceptional carving by a friend. I have some time coming up over the summer though, so now's a good time to get in touch, and hopefully I'll get some new knives up soon! So far in 2012, we've had near-constant gale force winds, with the occasional force 11, and a fair amount of storm damage to contend with. But the sun is out right now...
Dec. 2011 Been very, very busy with fixed deadline commissions, so little time for updates, or for finishing knives for sale! Just getting camera and lights together again over the holidays though, to let you in on some works in progress. We've had an odd winter so far on the Isle of Skye - very warm (for here!) all through November, with the last of the garden flowers lasting right up until the near hurricane force winds the other week... More updates coming soon - new year, new good intentions! In the meantime, Happy Holidays!
August 2011 Just got in under the wire for this month! Things have been very busy round here: lots of visitors and enquiries, not to mention workshop shake-ups and the like. Couple of new knives up right now, and I'm working on photos of some sgians and more unusual pieces in progress. The weather did stay good for a bit, but we're edging back into autumn now!
June 2011

Just a wee update, to add a more traditional tanto, available now. I'm currently working on finishing a clan crest dagger, and hope to have some pictures of that to put up soon. In the meantime, the weather 's finally improved a bit here - about time, and long may that continue...

June 2011 Well, I did manage a May update, but only just! Now you can finally see what's been taking all my time this year - it turned out cool, but kicked my ass in a number of ways since the turn of the year! Concentrating on that did mean a lot of downtime in between horribly difficult carving, so I got a number of other things finished that should appear on here soon... In the meantime, I'm getting my schedule back on track. May did not live up to its reputation: while the rest of the country basked in the sun, we've had another hurricane, constant wind and endless rain. So much for summer...
April 2011 I'm not long back from attending another forging workshop hosted by Owen Bush, and I'm about to go away travelling for a couple of weeks, so activity here will be limited until early May. I will be intermittently emailable, but not able to dispatch anything, so I've not put up any new knives for sale right now. I can say that the next 'forge special' is the epitome of basic, and I can also promise some pictures of the truly epic commission I've been working on for months...

March 2011

Twice in one month! I hope I can keep this up... Everyone has rotten colds here right now, and although the daffodils have flowered, and the sun sets in the evening rather than the afternoon, it doesn't feel much like spring on the island yet ... Roll on May (the best weather in the Skye year, usually).
March 2011 New look, new content, new knives for sale. Finishing the gas forge, and starting to really work with it, has revolutionized how I'm working in lots of ways. I'll be talking about that on a weekly blog, and the fruits of my labours will hopefully be appearing here with more regularity!

Feb 2011

Survived a hurricane! I'm working a bit on the site again, but mostly experimenting with my new gas forge, alongside finishing that commission. Plan for spring is to finish up a few of the blades that have been on the back-burner for ages, so check back soonish...

Jan 2011

Happy New Year! The mailing list specials that weren't snapped up are now available here. I'm working on finishing a really interesting commission right now, but there should still be an antler-handled sgian dubh ready to order soon - the first time I'll have had a sgian for sale in years, I think!


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