Clicking a 'Buy Now' link on the home page sends me your order by email. When I get it, I'll email you back to arrange your purchase.

Postage: There have been changes to postal costs since Royal Mail was privatised (I can only use Royal Mail here, as all couriers charge excessive fees of £100+ for pick-up/delivery in remote areas!) Due to these changes, there is a large variation in costs for international postage, which I cannot afford to cover. Therefore, as part of arranging a purchase, I will ask you to decide how you would like your knife posted and to pay postage. The major cost is for compensation, although the types of shipping available vary by size/weight! There are various options for international delivery and insurance:

Global Priority: This is the only option that now allows insurance for values over £500. These parcels are fully tracked, and must be signed for on delivery (confirmed delivery dates would also be available, except that knives are often/always stopped at customs). Compensation up to £100 is included in the price-by-weight, up to £200 costs £1.80 extra, and additional values (maximum £2,500) cost £4.50 per £100. You can find full details of cost for your 'zone' at

Global Value: This option only allows insurance up to £500. Parcels are not tracked or signed for. In practice, your knife will probably arrive in about the same time as with a more expensive service. Compensation costs are the same as above, but this service cannot be used for items requiring more than £500 compensation. You can find full details of cost for your 'zone' at

International Signed & Tracked: This service is fully tracked and signed for, and can be used for most sizes of knife, but only allows compensation up to £250. You can find full details of cost for your 'zone' at

UK Customers: There is rarely any point paying for faster-than next-day delivery (as parcels only enter the delivery system the day after I post them here). Tracked and signed for services are available relatively cheaply from Royal Mail (but only up to £50 compensation). To add further compensation, you need to choose Parcelforce, where insurance rates are similar to those above, although the price-by-weight itself is lower.

I have never had a delivery issue (so far) using Royal Mail/Parcelforce, and so have never had to claim on the insurance. However, your handmade knife is a unique and high-value item - irreplaceable! - which is why I have always posted insured and tracked. Therefore, it is up to you how you choose to ship: IST above offers tracking, but in most cases, not the full value of your knife. GV offers compensation at reasonable cost (if the knife is worth up to £500) but no tracking, so you will not know when it will arrive. GP is an excellent service, but lately, has cost around 10% of the value of the knife (which is why I can no longer afford to cover it). By asking you, I'm offering flexibility on the cost of shipping, but also making it your loss if there's a problem and you've chosen not to pay for compensation?

To sum up, when you order (or I send you the pictures for final payment with commissions) you choose a tracking/ signing option, and a compensation value. Then I'll estimate postal cost for the weight/volume of the knife, and ask for that along with your payment for the knife.


Terms of Sales: Scotland has new knife laws - I'm now licenced as a knife-dealer, and must obtain identification from every customer, including proof of age over 18, recording this information for 3 years from time of purchase. In practice, as my customers have always been a select and discerning group, I've always done this. But I hope you won't be offended when I have to ask for some kind of formal ID alongside your email and postal address. (This info is held confidentially, except if required by the relevant authorities - my records may be inspected, but not copied, by UK Trading Standards. If you prefer it not be held electronically - as some people do - this is fine: I keep an old-style records book anyway.)

When you buy any knife from this site, including commissions (for which I also have my own fair trading standards) your purchase is covered by UK distance-selling laws, which you can find in detail online. Basically, this means that I will always establish estimated delivery dates, and postage costs, during the order process, and you always have the right to return any item within fourteen days of receipt (to Skye Knives, Glendale, Isle of Skye, IV55 8WY).

I accept payments by cheque, bank transfer, and through PayPal. For PayPal payments (especially international) please ensure that the amount you pay is enough to deliver the knife price to me in £s (as a rough guide, the fees deducted can be up to 4.4% of the payment value - any questions, let me know, and I will do my best to advise). For all orders, we'll discuss what form of payment best suits you when I accept your order and ID via email. If you have any further questions, please get in touch by email, to

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